Laughing & Screaming (Or, What Do You Do When the Girl You Love Is Dead​?​)

by Pet Rock

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These songs show my limitations on the keyboard, but also have a bare honest quality- most of them were written either during a time of sleeping in the backseat of a car, writting them really late at night, with the only light being the red glow of the "on" light of my keyboard, just having to feel notes out, and listen, or else they were written in a bare room at the YMCA- at the time, i wanted to get away from the guitar, and do something really simple, but totally poppy.
They are actually much more like a solo project i attempted when i was 16, using a chord organ and keyboard drums, and i wanted to finally get around to accomplishing that sound . . . or something like it.


released April 20, 2010

Recorded in spring 2010, in the basement of my friends house
Laughing & Screaming mini EP
"Produced" by: J Knight & Andrew DiMarco
all songs J Knight
all instruments. vocals J knight, except "Better (?) Than (?)" with delayed vocals from Andrew DiMarco



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